Apr 29, 2013

Daily Drawing #105

I've started to do the daily drawings again. It's more like a drawing journal, I don't know why I named "Daily Drawings" in this english version anyway...X)
Actually I've translated only some of the journals, it's a lot of work translating word by word!
But I intend to do it more often from now on! I think is good for me to practice my super poor english and be able to make my comics be seen by a lot a people from all over the world, or so I hope! Eventually I'll translate all of my comics, and the daily drawings.
I'm also trying to migrate to my blog on tumblr, it's like a portuguese/english blog. 
Then everything of mine stays in one place, it's less complicated!
Here's my tumblr: fernanda-torquato.tumblr.com

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